Algarve Horse Alarm was created by three horse-loving friends, Femke Irik, Hope Wallace and Olaf Linke. Nowadays, we count with a lovely team of volunteers who help us with the daily things to do. Algarve Horse Alarm is a non-profit organisation based in Algarve, Portugal, a region that is sadly plighted with high levels of unnecessary horse suffering.  We have developed an acute awareness and resentment of the widespread suffering of horses across our beloved home.

Malnutrition, Dehydration and badly injured horses are a regular sight. With animal rights laws regarding horses minimal and authorities unwilling to intervene, we decided we could no longer sit back and do nothing. In April 2018 we established the Algarve Horse Alarm and have rescued more than 110 horses since. We strive to educate and improve the lives of these horses and for change.

What we need to rescue more horses?

You can sponsor a horse for only 10 or 20€ a month! Like this, the horse keeps under our care, but is being sponsored by you. When the horse is replaced, you can choose a new horse to sponsor.
Make a Donation of any value. You can Donate by paypal or by bank transfer.
Our bank details are:
Account name: Purplewhisper associação
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5605 8310 0011 1

We are all volunteers, and need your help to support this case. We guarantee every euro will be spend on the wellbeing of our rescue horses and new ones to come.

Quality Hay

There is no better way to get our rescue horses in shape, than providing them with the best hay available.

Quality Food

We provide our rescue horses with SF Top mix, food we believe helps a lot.

Vitamines and Addables

The rescue horses need extra attention and care. Vitamines and addables are something we always need.


During winter some of the horses need rain rugs and during summer, some of the most sensible horses receive a fly rug.

Carriage Equipment

We want to replace the old carriage equipment, to avoid the deep wounds on the horses neck.


We always need help, to help us share our project! Or even to help the horses in need.

Headcollars and Ropes

For initial training and transport, we always need headcollars and ropes

Wound and injury treatment

We are in constant need of products to help with wound and injuries.

“We might not be able to change the world, but we can change the world for that horse…”