Why we ask for an adoption fee?

Adopting a horse doesn’t mean getting a horse for free or very cheap.
Who really knows us, knows how much effort, time and money we invest into each and every horse we rescue.
We feel it is important to ask for an adoption fee that is at an acceptable value. If we did not recover some of our expenses, we would not be able to continue doing what we do.
Our expenses far exceed our donations and we are paying a lot out of our own pockets and savings to keep saving horses. The adoption fees are used to reduce that financial burden.

Aside from the purchase cost of the rescue horse, we incur basic costs immediately after rescue. Feeding cost, transport, deworming, equine dentist, farrier, basic vet. check, microchip and passport.

So you see in the first week, we spend at least 350€ for each horse we rescue. Let’s call this, the first rescue cost. We have many nice pastures, some paddocks, and none of our horses 24/7 in a stable. We keep our monthly costs per horse very low, an average of 60€. A horse that comes to us, needs in average 6 months to recover and find a forever home.

Summing, the first rescue costs at 350€ and 6 months of recovering at 360€, is a total of 710€ each horse. if we rescue a stallion you have to add the cost of gelding him. If the horse has leg problems, was starving, or has some other issue, additional supplements should be given, this costs should also not be forgotten.

Rescued horses have been neglected. Most horses need a lot more veterinarian care than the basic costs, to get them back to health and on the way to a new life in a forever home.

Now also keep in mind that you would have spent the same amount or more if you rescued that exact same horse yourself.

We drive around all day every day, week in and week out, to give water and food to all our rescue horses, help horses in need and visit the new home of the owner, we don’t get paid for the work and time.

In order to continue rescuing we feel it is justified to ask an adoption fee, we have adoptions starting at 150€ and go up to 450€ for recovered and healthy horses and sometimes even a bit more, if we have spent time on training the horse.

Besides, by paying an adoption fee you are directly sponsoring the next rescue. And of course, by adopting making space for new rescues.
If you are interested in adopting, please send us an email, and we will see if there is a possible match with your needs.

For Adoption: Lady

around 15 years old
159 h

After a long time of recovering Lady is now ready for her forever home. Lady loves a lot of attention and go out for a ride. Lady is bin to a lot of experience and not al of that where good experiences. Therefor its important that her forever friend need to be have some experience with horses.