We need your help to keep rescuing horses. You can help in many ways.
Are you popular on Facebook, Instagram or youtube? Share our work and/or come for a visit.
Sharing our work, helps us to reach more people who might be able to support this case.
Are you a riding school or frequent a riding school? It would be a great idear to collect used tack, send it over to Algarve Horse Alarm, where we can use it, and the things we don’t use we can resell to collect some funds.
Come and volunteer! Contact us to help and volunteer, help mucking out, giving food, walking with the horses, brushing, and giving love to them.
You can sponsor a horse for only 20€ a month! Like this, the horse keeps under our care, but is being sponsored by you. When the horse is replaced, you can choose a new horse to sponsor.
Make a Donation of any value. You can Donate by paypal or by bank transfer.
Our bank details are:
Account name: Purplewhisper associação
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5605 8310 0011 1

We are all volunteers, and need your help to support this case. We guarantee every euro will be spend on the wellbeing of our rescue horses and new ones to come.

Thank you very much for your support.